Dontrelle Inman

COO + Director of Business Development

With a professional sports background and an unyielding competitive spirit, Dontrelle aligns perfectly with the rigors of the restaurant industry. As a seasoned ninth-year NFL veteran, his penchant for peak performance isn’t limited to the field; it extends to his entrepreneurial endeavors as well.

After an illustrious football career, Dontrelle ventured into the realm of business development in the restaurant space. In 2021, following his retirement, he took on a pivotal role with the Boulevard Hospitality Group (BHG), further solidifying his stance in the competitive restaurant industry.

Beyond his ventures in the hospitality sector, Dontrelle has charted success in diverse business avenues. From helming his own venture, Inman Enterprises, to co-founding and serving as the CFO of Milano Consulting—a boutique public relations firm—his business acumen is evident.

An alumnus of the University of Virginia, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts, Dontrelle couples his educational background with an innate creative flair. His keen eye for detail has been instrumental in steering numerous businesses towards growth and success.

Hailing from Charleston, SC—a city renowned for its culinary brilliance—it’s no wonder that Dontrelle possesses a fervent love for delectable cuisines. This passion was kindled early on; his maternal grandfather, a prominent baker in Charleston, introduced young Dontrelle to the wonders of the kitchen during many sun-drenched summer days.

Currently residing in Washington, D.C., his passion projects off the field encompass championing financial literacy and health & wellness, with a particular emphasis on supporting underprivileged youth.


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